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Dental clinic Aspradent Varna

Oral Surgery

Our services in the field of dental surgery cover various procedures such as:

Tooth extraction, extraction of impacted wisdom teeth using incision in the soft tissue surrounding the tooth and / or trephination
impacted canine or supernumerary teeth, apicoectomy (root-end resection),
preparation of the jaws for prosthetics by carrying out corrections on the gums and mucus membrane or the bone,
alveoloplasty, gingivoplasty, frenectomy (removal of a labial or lingual frenum),
removal of various formations in the soft tissues, fibromas,
reduction of periodontal pockets, bone graft,
guided tissue regeneration, incision of abscesses,
closure of an oroantral communication,
lifting the sinus floor when placing a dental splint for a loose or a knocked-out tooth in case of broken jaws.

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