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Dental clinic Aspradent Varna

Gum health is a key factor related to self-esteem, fresh breath, the uncovered smile.
Gum care always starts with the cleaning of plaque build-up, dental calculus and tartar.
The cleaning is usually carried out with the help of ultrasound but sometimes may also be with manual tools. We finish by polishing the teeth with Airflow treatment or brushes and polishing paste.
You are now ready for a comprehensive check-up and recommendations for the treatment, if needed, of the gums as well as the teeth.
If necessary, the treatment plan may involve closed or open curettage, extension of the clinical crown, various grafts including bone grafts, different approaches to reduce the depth of gingival pockets.

For more information regarding the services offered, please contact reception by calling 0895 308 310 or 052 731 255

bul. Yan Hunyadi 31,

Phone/Fax: 052 752 255
+359 895 308 310

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